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Posted by Andy Ventura on April 20, 2002 at 01:06:01:

In Reply to: Telling Good Prints from Bad posted by Kettel on April 17, 2002 at 02:48:01:

About the eBay vs. gallery part of your question:
EBAY sellers, as Theo's glossary shows, often do not know what they are selling or how to describe it. If you can tell "good" from "bad" yourself (but these are vague terms, do you mean authentic vs. copy, or reprint vs. original, or good quality vs. bad, or rare print vs. common?) then you will do fine there. Otherwise, stick with the known and regular sellers. GALLERIES should (should being the operative word) bring with them expertise and guarantees of quality that may bring the price up. They may (may being the operative word) also sell prints that are not commonly available, or that are exceptionally good quality printings. There is a small risk element involved in eBay not part (IF the gallery is good) of the gallery experience. But you will pay more for the gallery atmosphere and promise. My advice would be to learn to read between the lines and be skeptical and use eBay, whatever its quirks and uncertainties.

: I've just come to this site after Japanese print surfing and I feel confused. How can you tell a good print from a bad one? There are sellers at eBay with what seem to me to be good prints for as low as $10 and $20, and some prints that seem the same or not even as good for so much more. How do you determine the value of a block print? Why are the Candice Bergen forget him he's not worth it John Belushi cellulite he explained it to me galleries like 10X more expensive? What does "genuine woodblock" mean? What's the difference between that and "authentic"? How can a woodblock be "original" if it's a woodblock? Can someone help me with terms and let me know how to tell what's real?

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