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Posted by I Hunt White Whales on April 21, 2002 at 01:43:30:

In Reply to: eBay Glossary :o) posted by Theo de Kreijger on April 18, 2002 at 21:07:05:

Very clever. But then do please tell this eBay seller who has real/genuine/authentic/period prints to sell, just what terminology would YOU like to hear? What does one have to say to prove to the suspicious/critical/tight-walleted and sometimes downright insulting eBay patron that the print I offer is genuine/authentic/period etc.? Why is there such an insistance to lump all eBay sellers together and to assume that anyone who sells there is by association bad??

Not that the print culture at eBay isn't bad as a whole, and getting worse. But want to know why? It's because it can't be anything else with attitudes like these. You can't expect people to put up high quality prints when the going wisdom is to "buy something very cheap and laugh your heart out". If buyers aren't willing to pay what good things are worth, you can't expect the sellers to list them!


: Dear "Kettel",

: It's a confusing world out there, but your questions already hold a lot of answers to! Just for the fun of it I'll try to explain some of the terms you found in the overcrowded eBay market:

: ### woodblock ### is not a woodblock, but a print derived from the surface of at least one manually carved cherrywood block, also described as "blockprint", "wdblock", "woodbl", "woodcut", "blockpr", "ukiyo-e print", "Japanese print", "Japanese engraving", "woodblock painting", "oban", "oriental print" and various combinations of the previous words.

: ### genuine ### means anything and nothing at the same time. A "genuine japanese woodblock print" might be printed yesterday in Japan or in 1664. It might be designed by or after some artist, carved by anyone with a knife and a woodblock and printed by anyone who has ink and paper. Of course at least one of them should have some connection to Japan.

: ### authentic ### means that the seller claims that he can garantee that the print has some authenticity, but you have to ask what kind of autheticity he means. Perhaps he knows the former owner who thought it was "authentic".

: ### original ### means that it's a woodblock by origin and not a reproduction printed in an other fashion. What it doesn't say is whether or not the printed matter is published by the original publisher, printed by the original printer, carved by the original carver, designed by the original designer and originates from the original time it should belong to. Confused? I know an original painting after an original copy of an original Japanese print. And it was made by Vincent Van Gogh and is worth more than the whole lot at eBay :o)

: ### antique ### only indecates that the seller knows at least one French word meaning that the object is visibly older than yesterday.

: ### old ### or even worse ### older ### suggests that it's younger than "antique", but just as bad looking.

: Conclusion: if you're interested in a print, you should ask the seller the details untill he gets really anoyed with your questions. Turn the whole internet and local library upside down and try to get as much info as possible. Also ask detailed questions on forums like this and build a huge collection of digitised scans before you buy.

: Fun: buy something very cheap without asking anything and laugh you hart out when it's crap or a masterpiece :o)=)

: Success,

: Theo

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