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Posted by Pat Collins on May 08, 2002 at 02:49:12:

In Reply to: Re: album-backing and trimming posted by Theo de Kreijger on May 08, 2002 at 02:33:59:

I think Theo is right on about the effects of trimming and album backing on prints. I would just like to add 2 things from my experience:

1) Make sure an album backing is an album backing, and not that the print is laid down. Most backings were done long ago for placement in an album, and will not affect the front of the print. But a print that has been glued to a backing or a board later is another question entirely, especially if the backing is acidic. Some people do not use their terminology accurately.

2) Trimming certainly affects the value of a print, but it's not a question of a trimmed print NOT being valuable. It's not AS valuable as an untrimmed copy, but completely untrimmed copies are fairly rare. Look at the dimensions of a print. An oban should be 15 x 10 inches, give or take a half inch on either end. Anything that goes down to the 13 inch and 8 inch territory is very trimmed and is likely to be low in value and aesthetic interest. In the 14 and 9 inch territory, you're looking at trimming that doesn't GREATLY harm your aesthetic impression of the print, nor its market value.

: : I see many auctions for prints on eBay that have "album-backing" and/or "trimming." What impact do these factors have on the value of a print?

: That depends. Album-backing has been used to preserve designs printed on very thin paper. If done professionally with the same high-quality material it's a garanty that the print will survive much longer. But I must say that I've seen less well done backings, which made things worse for the quality of the print.

: Trimming though is never good. Even when it means that only the margins are gone. What's cut off is lost for ever. But in most cases even more then the margins is missing, because they wanted to print the fit in a book or (worse) into a small frame.

: My experience is that trimming always affects the price, but album backing might not (if properly done).

: Theo

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