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Posted by Tony Gibb on August 17, 2002 at 14:47:03:

In Reply to: 3 prints posted by Ann on August 15, 2002 at 22:22:47:


I have seen a lot of woodblock prints where there is Japanese or English script written in pencil in the margin of the print. This is a very common way of recording information about the print and its provenance. Are your marks within the picture or in the margin? Anything with Roman characters (PLB etc) sounds as though it has been added after the print was made

The subject matter certainly sounds more Japanese than Chinese.
: First, thank you for reading my plea for help! I came across three prints, and from my snooping on the internet I am assuming they are Japanese wood block prints. I don't have a digital camera this week so can't show the prints...but here is my question. Has anyone ever seen a Japanese woodblock print with a small copyright sign in the corner? These three panels are approximately 12"x17" each, apparently old because of the color of the paper and show secnes of (1) women socializing around a beautiful room (2) women primping, drawing on a scroll and (3) fawning over a sitting man, serving tea, several women holding large fans somewhat ceremoniously. Anyway there is a "mark" on one a part of a "mark" on the 2nd and no mark on the 3rd. But they all have (in the left hand bottom of each print) what appears to be a copyright mark with P.L.B c2, c3 and c4. An art appraiser I know casually says she has never heard of such a thing on japanese woodblock prints. There is no signature by hand only those stamped "marks". Could these not even be Japanese? Maybe chinese, I really can't tell, due to ingnorance--only know that they surely are lovely. Very detailed, very nice coloration, but not shockingly intense (i.e. the reds are red but not overpowering. I'd say they have at least 7-10 colors used. The drawing itself is very, very detailed with an odd perspective used. I love them, so if they have no monetary value that is fine, but I would like to know what the heck I have. If I had to guess, they look Chinese...the funiture, lack of Obi's or small ones....Well that's all I know. Anyone got a guess as to what these are. As I said they are in beautiful shape and appear to be old. I'd appreciate any input if someone has the energy to reply to this odd request!!! Thanks.

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