1) Quick personal "Hi" and: 2) Hiroshige which are these two?

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Posted by Peter Gallagher on September 22, 2002 at 22:42:50:

Hello all,
Just a couple of words about myself, by way of introduction, before my
first questuon(s) to the group:I'm and Irish guy, living in Holland, and I've visited this excellent site before. I've been collecting prints as a hobby for about a year or so and feel fortunate to have acquired a few originals. It's been a pleasure to peruse this mine of information and even I recognise some very well-known names here among the experts...

My own research hasn't come up with any answers, so I thought I'd pose my
question here:Could anyone please help me with any information about these two Hiroshige prints:

(They're both from the same series as far as I can see, though one of the
scans is illegible).With any luck, somebody will recognise these them and know the
title also,
even if one of them is illegible.

I haven't come to grips with dating prints from the seals yet, but a
book-reference (Basil Stewart) suggests that Hiroshige "stopped producing
bijin-ga after 1826" - does this apply here? Are these two considered
bijin-ga as such? (Obviously: neither are purely bijin-ga as e.g. Utamaro
would have done, but the ladies in both prints are IMO the main subject of
each print, even if one is in a landscape backdrop, and the other is in a
complete [indoor] scene ...).Perhaps the name of the series will be self-explanatory ...


FYI: apologies for the pretty poor scans - I didn't do them myself. Also,
though the prints have some problems, they are actually much better in the
hand than they appear in the scans - lucky for me! They look a bit murky
because they have some thin spots and were scanned against a dark

Many thanks in advance. I hope this series hasn't been queried before. I
tried to avoid this by searching the archives first, but didn't find
Peter Gallagher

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