THANKS!!! Re: 1) Quick personal "Hi" and: 2) Hiroshige which are these two?

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Posted by Peter Gallagher on September 24, 2002 at 23:19:52:

In Reply to: Re: 1) Quick personal "Hi" and: 2) Hiroshige which are these two? posted by John Fiorillo on September 23, 2002 at 09:20:33:

Thanks very much, John!
This is more information than I had even hoped for.
It's great to have such background information to go with the prints themselves!
Very interesting tales they are too!
I actually thought the "hag" was man!

Also very useful to know that I can disregard the reference to Hiroshige ceasing to produce bijin-ga at ANY stage.

: Peter,

: Hiroshige designed prints depicting bijin throughout his active period, up to and including the last year of his life.

: The series is titled 'T˘to kyűseki zukushi' (Tales of Ancient places in the Eastern Capital), probably from the mid 1840s.

: The image with the old hag seems to be called 'Asajigahara hitotsuya ishi no makura no yűrai' (History of the stone pillow, the lonely house on the Asaji Moor). This appears to be some variant among the famous tales about the hag from Hitotsuya (Lonely Moor) who cannibalized children or pregnant young women, requiring their blood to survive. There was also a N˘ play of a similar name, Adachigahara (Adachi Moor).

: It is difficult to decipher all the characters from the scan, but the other design appears to have the title 'Mukob˘ji Umewaka no yűsai' (History of Umewaka at Mokub˘ Temple'). The woman in the boat is a tenth-century figure from a tale involving the mother of a child named Umewakamaru, kidnapped by a slave trader, from Kitajirikawa in Kyoto. She has gone mad after discovering that her child has died from illness and is buried at Mukojima (near a temple called Mukob˘ji). Apparently the children in the picture have noticed that she has lost her wits and they are mocking her. The tale is also the subject of a N˘ play called 'Sumidagawa'; (Sumida River).

: For another from the series, see:

: T˘to kyűseki zukushi

: John

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