Re: Hiroshige "quits Bijin-ga at age 26" : 2 references ...

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Posted by Matt Door on October 02, 2002 at 02:10:40:

In Reply to: Re: Hiroshige "quits Bijin-ga at age 26" : 2 references ... posted by Dick Illing on September 28, 2002 at 23:09:08:


I'm in general agreement with you that there is a difference. But don't you find it at all funny that Kunisada's triptychs with a woman in a landscape on each panel get identified as bijin work, while Hiroshige's work in a similar vein gets labelled figure-in-a-landscape? Hence, "what's in a name?" This seems to me another case of commercial mentality (Hiroshige LANDSCAPES are desirable) influencing the genre definitions of ukiyo-e. Of course, it may have been so in his day as well. Hence the tendency of these landscapes to identify themselves as views of something, rather than certain attractive someones.

: Stewart in 'Subjects portrayed in Japanese colour prints' pp.66-7 states "Hiroshige in his very early days, while still a pupil of Toyohiro, designed figure-studies, in response, we presume, to the insistant demand for this class of subject, before his genius for landscape diverted public taste into another channel. Such designs are very rare, and are interesting both for comparison with the work of of recognised figure-study designers and for the fact that they that they represent the skill of an artist in one direction who made his name by striking out in another."
: I have no desire to get into an arguement about bijin-ga but feel that there is a difference between a figure-study of an individual girl and those prints where a girl or girls are just part of the image.
: Regards, Dick

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