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Posted by David Wilkes on November 10, 2002 at 16:45:26:

In Reply to: Use of Toshidama seals?? Re: Kunichika posted by Peter Gallagher on November 07, 2002 at 23:51:51:

Hi, the Toshidama (literally a New Year's gift of money, which shape these artists took) was the symbol of the Utagawa School of artists, and was used going back to Toyokuni I. The shape was used in a number of title cartouches before it became used regularly as a signature catouche by Kunisada.

In triptychs, artists often varied the forms of their signature, signing with different go and/or seals on each sheet. This is not uncommon, and generally there's no special meaning attached to the use.

: Hi Hans Olof,
: thanks VERY much for the reply ! A great pleasure to see the triptych in it's entirety! Nice also to see my panel's been only barely trimmed.

: Apologies for this late reply - I hope it doesn'e seem ungrateful, but apart from anything else, I had some difficulty with the link. I could only eventually get it to work under an old version of Netscape. I don't see why my declining to load the offered Japanese Text Display Support meant the graphics wouldn't load under IE, but I see that as a flaw of the MS-product :7

: I'm curious why two of the panels have a Toshidama seal accompanying the signature and one (mine) doesn't. I'd have thought perhaps the left panel was from a differebnt issue, were it not for the apparent wormhole common to all three panels.

: Actually - I don't know what the use or significance of a Toshidama seal is. Was it more than whimsical adornment? I have see them used in poetry cartouches, where they were seemingly scattered randomly... and of course: some artists used a Toshidama-shaped signature-cartouche (e.g. Kunisada).

: Again - many thanks,
: Best regards,
: Peter

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