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Posted by Geoff Dunn on November 11, 2002 at 03:15:32:

In Reply to: Re: Do Not Give Up! EBay listens to Group Statements posted by Andrew Watanabe on November 10, 2002 at 05:04:15:

I agree, this person's offerings are obviously bogus as to their true age, and not just in the print department. I am experiencing some frustration over how to contact eBay as you've suggested - can you walk me through filing a complaint so I and others can get organized?

: Dear Peter, Tom and Hans Olof,

: The seller in question is by now so well known among those who hunt for prints at eBay that you would hardly have to point him out to have everyone know just who you mean. I have contacted this seller myself several times to give him a chance to rectify himself, letting him know categorically why his prints could not be "pre-1900s". In response, he reported me to eBay as "harassing" him -- and they sent me a warning!

: EBay only listens to these issues when they become public, which is the power of a page like this. I suggest all of us who are concerned about this fraud write to eBay and reference this page. This is the kind of leverage that gets eBay to move. They do not listen to individuals (somewhat understandable actually, as eBay is a bitterly competitive place, and anyone could lie and "rat" a competitor this way.) But if we, with our knowledge of prints, make a group statement and speak in a loud voice, eBay WILL listen. I have seen this happen several times. So do not give up. Reference Tom's page with clear examples of how this seller butchers his modern reprints to make them look old, and reference this page with comments from (hopefully) many people, and you can have an effect.

: I also feel we should do this for the sake of all those people who are curious about Japanese prints, get burned, then lose interest in the subject. The idea is not to hurt a particular person. He can sell all the reprints he wishes, so long as they are identified as such.

: Do not give up! If we speak and publish our answers from eBay on this page, eBay will listen.


: : Hans Olof,
: : Thank you for your reply.
: : Please accept my apologies if I brought you or your website into any legally "sticky ground" (or even close) with my original posting.
: : I hope it goes without saying, that this was not my intention.

: : Thanks also for the most enlightening, and rather disheartening article about previous issues with eBay frauds.

: : best regards,
: : Peter

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