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Posted by Ross Walker on November 13, 2002 at 11:39:33:

In Reply to: eBay - One Seller's Experiences posted by Call me D. on November 12, 2002 at 17:28:41:

Sorry "Call me D", but I will have to respectfully disagree with most points you make in your post.

>>: I have read many posts on this and similar boards about how terrible eBay sellers are.<<

I haven't read many posts re eBay sellers on this board at all. In fact, after doing a search the only postings which address the issue of eBay sellers are the posts of a few days ago.

>>the girl who claims to go around Tokyo to hunt for high quality prints but can somehow only seem to find mostly cheap reprints<<

With respect, I have had the good fortune to have purchased shin hanga prints from this seller on several occasions, and have found all of my purchases from her to be of high quality and as described. While I have never purchased reprints, I think it is wrong to criticise a seller simply because some of the prints on offer are inexpensive reprints rather than higher-priced originals. I have never known her to make misrepresentations in her auction listings, so to me she is a seller I trust, as are nearly all sellers I deal with.

>>When I list original things well under their value, I can hardly get a bid until the last minute of the auction. It seems those in the know keep the prices low by not bidding at all, making others who don't know as much think the seller is not good or the item not worth it. Then they swoop in at the end and buy it up cheaply.<<

You're referring to snipe bidding I guess. "Call me D", in my humble opinion it is simply *dumb* to bid your maximum bid early, and by the very fact that most buyers at your auctions "swoop in at the end" suggests that most experienced bidders have a similar opinion to mine. Some buyers like the "thrill of the hunt" and bid low amounts at an early stage in the auction cycle, but most do not enter their maximum "killer bid" until near the end of the auction. eBay's suggestion that bidders bid their maximum amount early simply preys on those bidders who cannot resist bidding more than they want to when they see they have been outbid.

>>I also find it ironic that the very same people who complain about the ethics of eBay sellers are the ones who engage in this deceitful buying practice, which in effect drives anyone away who would offer a good product at a good price. It may be the way of eBay but it is far from ethical, and ultimately drives the quality down.<<

I think this statement is completely incorrect, in my humble opinion. Bidding you maximum bid near the end of an auction is in no way unethical. If it was unethical, eBay would simply introduce rules to stop it (i.e., auction extension). In the end, the highest bid still wins, whether it is bid early or late. If a buyer does not bid on a quality item simply because there are currently no other bids, then IMHO that shows the buyer does not understand the value of the item being offered, i.e., the buyer is inexperienced.

>>So, before you complain about eBay sellers, please examine your own buying practices.<<

Well, I never bid early, so I guess I must be guilty as charged ^^

>>If you are the type who would do anything to get the item for the lowest possible price, please do not be shocked to find sellers doing whatever they can to get things at the highest possible price.<<

There is nothing a buyer can do to win an auction for less than another buyer is willing to pay. Also, there is absolutely no reason for sellers to use unethical and/or dishonest methods (as seen in a recent post) to sell prints.

"Call me D", snipe bidding will always be with you, so it may be wise to review your selling strategies, such as minimum bid and reserve amount. At least that way you will be able to sell your prints at prices that are acceptable to you. Best wishes for your future auctions.


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