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Posted by David Wilkes on November 14, 2002 at 19:02:54:

In Reply to: Re: Sniping, and anonymous posting posted by Marc Kahn on November 14, 2002 at 17:44:28:

Dear Marc,

You make some rather harsh claims against me here that require substantiation. "Trolling for a reaction" is not quite correct. I expected a reaction, because I know what I am saying is going to be controversial for people who are used to only seeing things from the buyer's perspective. But I thought it of value to challenge that one-sided point of view. I posted this listing not to upset people, but to make them think about the big picture.

Next, to my thinking, I never "denied what I said in the first place". I clarified it against the misinterpretations of others. I believe I have been consistent in my statements throughout. Unfortunately, I upset some people through an unfortunate reference to certain selling/marketing practices at eBay, but that was not at all my point. In the followup postings to my initial comments that buyers are as responsible for the state of the market as sellers, I was accused of defending fraudulent sellers and of attacking the wrong people, as well as of trying to "censor" eBay and castigate all sellers of reprints. None of these were my point or intention, and I never said any such thing. If you found a conflict in anything I said, I would appreciate it very much if you pointed it out to me. The history of this exchange is indeed right here for everyone to see, if you will look.

Finally, on the subject of names, I posted my name this time (though I actually thought it was quite obvious earlier, as my D. is all over the board of late). I hesitated to do this at first, as I still had hopes of continuing to try to sell genuine woodblock prints and books through eBay. I am what I am and using my name or not is not going to change the nature of my feelings about this. I don't at all feel I have been disrespectful to those who have been respectful to me ("dumb" and "duh" don't really count as respect, my friend - nor does unsubstantiated slander) and I have apologized if I gave a mistaken example or upset anyone's feelings.

I don't find it surprising that people seem extremely unwilling to discuss the actual point I am making but instead heap abuse and misreadings on me. I do find it, like my experiences of the behavior of buyers at eBay, sad. That is all.

: As both a buyer and (in the past) seller on ebay, I've seen the matter of sniping from both sides. When I'm really interested in buying something on ebay, my bid goes in at the last second. That's the only way that makes sense to me.

: However, the practice of sniping doesn't always work to the detriment of the seller. Let's say that 2 collectors are friends, both of whom are snipers. If one were to bid early, the other may feel constrained to withhold his bid, deferring to his friend. If they both bid at the last second, the seller wins. I know that this is true because I've seen it happen many times.

: On the matter of anonymous posting:
: If you look back over the history of this bulletin board, you will see that the great majority of posters use their own full names. It is no coincidence that when people use their own names the atmosphere is collegial and respectful.

: "Call Me D." made an anonymous posting, trolling for a reaction. When he got his reaction, he denied what he had said in the first place, maintaining his anonymity. The history of this interchange is right here for everyone to see.

: I have seen many collegial and respectful dialogs become quite ugly due to the irresponsible postings of abusers hiding behind anonymity. To me, it's an incredible shame. I sincerely hope that it doesn't happen here.

: Marc Kahn

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