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Posted by Ross Walker on November 15, 2002 at 14:36:04:

In Reply to: Re: Sniping, and anonymous posting posted by David Wilkes on November 14, 2002 at 19:02:54:


You certainly received a reaction that you were not expecting. Hiding behind an alias and suggesting eBay buyers are in some way responsible for the practices of dishonest sellers or the '(poor) state of the market' are certainly controversial comments. I found the responses to your posts, both negative and positive, to be well written and sincere. It is unfortunate that you feel that you have been attacked by posters in some way -- I think people simply challenged your point of view, which makes for an interesting discussion. Also, I don't believe you have upset anybody.

On another point, using ALL-CAPS (known as "shouting") when responding to a poster can be interpreted as being quite rude and IMHO has no place among the rational discussions that take place on this board. Nobody accused you of being "dumb" either. If you read the sentence again, you will find it says (rephrased with a more appropriate substitute for the word 'dumb'):

>>... in my humble opinion it is simply *unwise* to bid your maximum bid early."<<

I cannot possible see how you can construe this sentence as being disrespectful to you.

>>unsubstantiated slander<<

Once again, I found the posts and the variety of opinions very interesting, including yours. I don't believe anyone has tried to 'slander' you.

>>people seem extremely unwilling to discuss the actual point I am making but instead heap abuse and misreadings on me<<

Posters *did* discuss your point(s), IMHO. Some simply expressed a differing opinion to yours David.

Anyway, we can all agree to disagree. I'm glad you're using your real name now David, and I look forward to seeing your eBay auctions in the future.

Ross Walker

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