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Posted by Marc Kahn on November 22, 2002 at 03:38:51:

In Reply to: Re: Koitsu prints posted by Ross Walker on November 21, 2002 at 11:39:11:

>> This is something that a group of us are trying to determine. I think Marc will have something to say on this subject. Tosh Doi (no relation to Doi Hangaten) has a great database of seal combinations for Koitsu/Doi prints that have been observed over the last few years. There are still 22 prints without Teiichi examples, but this number is gradually reducing as new (read 'rare') examples of Teiichi prints are found.<<

It has proven difficult to reach consensus about the matter of when Doi's publishing operation started to be known as "Doi Hangaten". Most of the observers are holding on to the thought that prints with the publisher identified as Doi Hangaten didn't get produced until the post-war years. See Tom and Andreas's interpretation of the data here.

My own thought is that Doi Hangaten seals were used along with Doi Sadaichi seals as early as 1936, and that there was no clean break.

The 3 prints that Elmer asks about are spread out over time as follows: Teahouse (yotsuya araki)- 1935.7; Asakusa kinryusan - 1938.7; Ushigome - 1939.9.

We have seen Yotsuya araki with Doi Sadaichi seals. The sighting from Chigasaki that Ross mentions is probably the first edition. However, we are still "waiting" for Doi Sadaichi seals to show up on the 2 later prints. Don't hold your breath.

In going over the database, when it is sorted by publication date (1933.1 to 1941.7), it is clear to me that the earlier prints have a much higher concentration of Sadaichi seal sightings while the later prints have a much higher concentration of the Doi Hangaten-Harada-Yokoi seals being the earliest ones seen.

If that's not compelling enough for you, consider this. It's generally accepted that in 1936 (or so) Yokoi became the primary printer for Doi. Almost all Doi prints with Yokoi listed as the printer have the Doi Hangaten publisher name. I only know of a few prints seen where Yokoi's name is listed on a Doi Sadaichi print. If Doi Hangaten didn't appear until after the war, what was Yokoi doing from 1936 to 1946? What happened to all of his work? Doi Hangaten MUST pre-date the war.

Now, don't get excited about all of the Doi Hangaten/Harada/Yokoi prints that you have in your collection all of a sudden being considered first editions. It's not that easy. That particular seal combination was in use until 1965, when Seki became the main baren-pusher for Doi.

Caveat emptor: there is much contradictory data which makes it very difficult to reconstruct the history of Doi's publishing efforts. Each interpreter of the data gets to choose which contradictions he will ignore, in order to make some sense of it. The above is MY OPINION and not to be construed as anything else.


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