Re: Paper er, conservation?

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Posted by George Aar on December 08, 2002 at 21:45:10:

In Reply to: Re: Paper er, conservation? posted by Colin Birch on December 08, 2002 at 19:42:18:

" If you just frame it and hang it in a bright position, you can enjoy it while the colours fade and the paper yellows."

I had considered this, but from the brief experiments I've tried along this line, there is considerable fading, but toning is rather minimal.

" I don't think you will ever get chain lines, because 'ultra-white' suggests you have a totally different paper."

I dunno, it appears to me to be a hand-laid paper, and it does have chain lines, why couldn't I do something to accentuate them more?

" I think your question rather ignores the contribution of whoever made your print. If you wanted something that looked like an old Sharaku, you could have bought a good photographic reproduction. What you have is admittedly a copy, but is itself an authored work, probably produced in a relatively small edition, intended to be seen as it is. I am sure the artists or craftsmen that produced it would be hurt to see you soaking it in tea!"

I'd bet they'd be even MORE hurt if no one bought any of their product. Really now, do you think there are Japanese printers with tears welling up in their eyes because some annonymous geek half a world away is making one of their prints a little more pleasing to look at?

" Why not just buy cheaper copies in worse condition? Copies in your preferred state might cost half as much!"

Well, I got this one for $15.00 on eBay (it was rather poorly titled). The photo reproduction I have of this same image (from the Tokyo National Museum) cost me over $20. The photocopy has the look I want, but not the depth. It loses a great deal in the "translation" to photocopy.

: : O.K. this is a somewhat different sort of question so those of you of a real "purist" nature or of a weak constitution may want to avert your eyes.

: : I've got a 20th century reproduction of the classic image by Sharaku of the Yakko Edobei. I really like the print and it does have the correct colors and mica ground, however it looks just a bit TOO pristine. Is there a way to give it a little more age or "character", without risking great damage?

: : I mean, I don't want to trash the thing, just give the paper a little more color, maybe define the "chain lines" a bit, anything to take away the harsh, ultra-white, sterile look it has now. Do I have to wait 200 years to get the look I want?

: : geo.

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