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Posted by Biff Brandon on December 09, 2002 at 16:24:29:

In Reply to: eBay - One Seller's Experiences posted by Call me D. on November 12, 2002 at 17:28:41:

hey, dude, i read yer post and i feel fer you i really do. But yer missing the major facts of life and i'll put them before you even if it hurts.

1. if yer a dealer or even a collector who knows his stuff no one wants yours. Think about it. I don't go drooling over the stuff that a dealer puts out. I know he's not putting out anything really good. But some dummy whos gramma just died or some dummy who went to a garage sale and bought a bunch of original prints and puts them up at 10 bucks each dude that's where my moneys going. You remind me of those dudes who think they can sell prints by explaining every last detail of them. I laugh everytime i see that. What a waste of their time. The more you know the less likely yer gonna sell anything good. Thats why so many people play dumb and do better.

2. The other thing is people don't judge yer stuff and buy from you they judge you then they look at yer stuff. So you just blew it big time dude. Whos gonna buy from you now. The only way they'd buy is if you sold something rediculusly cheap which is not something yer gonna do if i'm not mistaken. You gotta have a good image AND look like you don't know what yer doing. But yer selling in the wrong place. That's yer real problem.

: I have read many posts on this and similar boards about how terrible eBay sellers are. It's true that the overall quality is in fact very low. There's the guy who lies regularly about the age of his prints, the guy who uses recent period names and the word genuine to add value to his reprints, the girl who claims to go around Tokyo to hunt for high quality prints but can somehow only seem to find mostly cheap reprints, and then there's the dealers with their "damaged" piles. And then there's me. WHere do I fit in? I don't. I have been trying to sell at eBay on and off for a year now. I watch as these sellers get skyrocketing prices for their reprints, and I wonder: why am I selling original things at all? Original prints are more expensive than reprints, and the number of people in the know are very small. Moreover, I've found that the same people who complain about the quality and manners of eBay sellers have terrible buying manners themselves. When I list original things well under their value, I can hardly get a bid until the last minute of the auction. It seems those in the know keep the prices low by not bidding at all, making others who don't know as much think the seller is not good or the item not worth it. Then they swoop in at the end and buy it up cheaply. I am frustrated by the whole process. I flirted a few weeks ago with selling reprints, and did much better than with original works, but this is not an area I want to go into - it's depressing. I also find it ironic that the very same people who complain about the ethics of eBay sellers are the ones who engage in this deceitful buying practice, which in effect drives anyone away who would offer a good product at a good price. It may be the way of eBay but it is far from ethical, and ultimately drives the quality down. So, before you complain about eBay sellers, please examine your own buying practices. If you are the type who would do anything to get the item for the lowest possible price, please do not be shocked to find sellers doing whatever they can to get things at the highest possible price. Keep in mind that buyers and sellers are not natural enemies - they rely on one another, and the quality of what a seller can offer is dependent on what buyers are willing to pay. If you're a last-second bidder, remember this before you complain about the quality of what's left after you've driven all the good sellers away.


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