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Posted by eBay Fan on January 29, 2003 at 01:23:13:

In Reply to: Re: eBay Gallery Ukiyo-e posted by Gerald Schmieder on January 16, 2003 at 22:00:24:

Here's a good one for eBay followers. A seller, who calls himself "honorable**ass*****" (name covered to protect the guilty) sells SCANS of prints at $25 each, with $12 shipping. Then, after quoting a bunch of silly customers who don't real;ize they're buying SCANS, says the following:

"It seems more and more that sellers like me are in the minority. I use only quality packing materials like peanuts and bubble wrap (where applicable), the cost of which I absorb as a conscientious seller. Don't be afraid to bid on my items because you think there might be hidden costs!"

Now, don't you LOVE eBay!!!!! After all, this consciencious seller who charges $37 for a scan and shipping actually absorbs the cost of styrofoam for you. How nice!

Very interesting, to compare especially the statements
: : "This is not a restrike" > correct, it's a copy after the original.
: : "it was printed with the original woodblocks" > correct. That is: those of the copy version.
: with the contribution from 32/11/02 below.
: Of course everybody, who has only less experiences with ukiyo-e prints knows that this description must be written by a crook or by a fool.
: But each fool should know that a copy after an original is restriked (or it is not even a woodblock print reproduction).
: The definition of the term "original woodblocks" is very clear, so the second statement is simply cheat.
: So only the first conclusion remains (a crook).
: I encourage the winning ebayer not to pay for this obvious swindle.

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