Re: Kokka publishing co any one have any info on this company?

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Posted by The Shade of Sharaku on February 16, 2003 at 21:33:06:

In Reply to: Kokka publishing co any one have any info on this company? posted by Penelope on February 15, 2003 at 19:14:41:

Kokka is actually a continuous periodical, produced in Japan from the mid-Meiji Era to the present day. They used the woodblock process to reproduce a number of important paintings and other Asian art, usually about 1-3 an issue. The earlier the woodblocks, the more beautiful they tend to be, with the heavy use of metallic pigments that you note. The paper tends to be harder than that used for ukiyo-e woodblocks, and they did not generally employ embossing techniques. One unusual aspect of these prints is that they attempt to reproduce paintings and other art precisely as they existed at the time of production, meaning that they would reproduce dirt and damage (if there were any) just as it existed. Since they are reproductions and not original works, they are not generally valued highly as art, but in terms of technique, they are quite wonderful, probably the most beautiful reproductions of Asian paintings and artwork that you will ever see. The quality declined during the war years, however (mid-1930s-40s in Japan) and never quite recovered. After the war, they gradually gave up on woodblock reproduction and went mechanical, which is sad, though the magazine is still being produced to this day and is valuable for the information it provides.

As for the sets you have, they may have been released from time to time by Kokka from extras after the periodical was published. I expect they are the same prints that appeared in the magazines, simply in a different format.

Enjoy them.

: Hi I have 2 sets of Kokka publishing co, they are hand finished with gold on many of them in a silk bound folder with Kokka publishing co printed on the front of the folder, each set has 10 diffrent prints, I found 2 of one print and notice many diffrence in the gold finishing, thus it looked like it was hand finished. By looking at the design of the silk bound folder it looks 1920 or 30's/ I would like to frame and show these prints in my art gallery but I want to get as much info as possible. (note they are not for sale)

: thanks for any help
: penelope

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