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Posted by Shade of Sharaku on April 03, 2003 at 01:01:29:

In Reply to: Kidnapped Princesses etc. posted by Troy on April 02, 2003 at 18:10:52:

Troy, I think the addition of "hime" does not translate necessarily to "princess," though that is the dictionary definition. Rather, it seems an honorific term to refer to a young woman. Many of the characters in kabuki plays referred to as "hime," like Sakura-hime, are anything but high class. On the other hand, many kabuki plays have overlapping "worlds," with a historical layer overlaid onto the present day presentation, so sometimes these "hime" are Princesses in the alternate world of history.

: Hi,

: I noticed in a lot of kabuki prints where the heroine is kidnapped or involved in some intricate affair that after the woman's name is the word "hime" or "princess". What does this word actually mean? Are "princesses" the daughters of the feudal lords, or does this mean some connection to the imperial family? Or is it a general term that these women take to give them a sense of being higher class than they are? Do you know what I mean? I'm curious.

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