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Posted by daruma on April 05, 2003 at 06:40:53:

In Reply to: Re: Karma and Hell posted by daruma on April 04, 2003 at 03:12:48:

: : Hi,

: : I was of the understanding that the Japanese believed in rebirth, but I recently saw a Buddhist wood block book with some amazing scenes of hell. There were tortures unimaginable for those who had done evil acts in life. But my understanding was that the rule of karma says whatever you do comes back to you in this world. How does this apply to Hel.?
: are you referring to the 7 levels of hell in buddhism??
: thats after a person past away
after a person dies,his physical body ceases to function and his spirit/soul leaves the body.depending on your belief,there is either one sould or 2 souls or one soul and one spirit.
the egyptian calls them the ba and the ka,some call it the lower self and the upper self and the voodoo folks call it big and small souls,of couse the roman catholic church claims there is only one soul.
either the soul or the spirit is made of ether,material much finer than the physical body and whether it will feel the pain and suffering of fire and ice and all the carnal sensations,i doubt it.
i can only say that those of us who dwell in this pysical plane can only go that far with our imagination,that we will go to a different world or a different plane and possess the same sensation and value and face the same situations as we did in this world.
or it could be back in the old days,this is an effective way to make ordinary folks behave themselves ,some folks just lack imagination or ability to conceptualise,you have to make them so vivid so it will stick!!
just my 2 cents!!

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