Ranka-Fu woodblock prints of Shotaro Kaga of the Oyamazaki Villa

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Posted by Glenn Bryant on April 25, 2003 at 05:53:40:

Almost a month ago, I was lucky enought to come across an orchid print with origins connected to the Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art in Kyoto. The curator of that museum, Ms. Haruko Ochiai, replied back to me with the following information:
The "RANKA-FU; Orchid flower Botanical picture book" which is also the important possession article of this mansion was summarized simply below.

Shotaro Kaga (1888-1954), who built the Oyamazaki villa, was born in Osaka, and he was fascinated with orchid flower which it was in the Kew garden in London on the occasion of the Europe studying abroad in 1910 .

Mr. Kaga had made total of 104 sheets in 1,140 sorts, and was edited and published in 1946.
"RANKA-FU" of 104 sheets is a wood-block print with which 84 sheets inherit
the technique of UKIYOE, and the 20 remaining sheets consist of
printings and the black-and-white pictures of oil painting.

Mr. Ikeda Zuigetsu of a Japanese painting took charge of the sketch of a
wood-block print, and Mr. Oiwa Gasendo was carved. Mr. Okura Hanbei was printed.
Moreover, some which were printed no less than 120 times are in a work.
It was presented to 100 sets to the leading university in the world etc.,
200 sets were marketed, and completed "RANKA-FU" was allotted to the fund of
successive publication
Since I now finally (yea!) have a name for these collective works of RANKA-FU....I was wondering if this may make a difference to help to find any information about their possible market worth, availability, or a contact address with someone familiar with RANKA-FU . Here is a Google link of some RANKA-FU postcards made from the prints.... Thank you so much for any help you may be able to offer.

Sincerely yours,
Glenn Bryant

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