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Posted by John Fiorillo on April 29, 2003 at 08:53:07:

In Reply to: Stencils, Shigeharu, Quick Change Dance, John Fiorillo ? posted by Arnold Satterthwait on April 28, 2003 at 19:20:34:


Thank you for your interesting message.

First, a correction: My page on Nagahide does not say that there were no kappazuri-e from 1829, but rather that there were no known examples of a particular subject in kappazuri-e, the Gion nerimono (that is, the Gion geisha and courtesan costume parade). Your Hakuen kappazuri-e is not a nerimono-e, but a yakusha kappazuri-e (actor stencil print). I do not doubt the strong likelihood that nerimono-e were published during the years mentioned on my Nagahide page, but at the time of writing in 2001, none were known for certain years, including 1829. Peter Ujlaki (whose email is; now corrected on the Nagahide page) and his colleague Nakade Akifumi have compiled an updated kappazuri nerimono-e checklist that will, hopefully, be published soon and might fill in some of the information and correct some of the suggested dates.

Your Hakuen sounds interesting, although other such examples are known in which a first edition nishiki-e was republished in a kappazuri-e version, sometimes by the same publisher, sometimes not. Yet another reason for you to find Andon 72/72 is that, in addition to the article by myself and Peter Ujlaki on hayagawari-e by Shigeharu, there is another article by Hendrick Lühl titled "Ireki in Osaka actor prints," which discusses many types of block changes for subsequent editions, including those involving kappazuri-e.

Copies of Andon 72/73 are available from the Society for Japanese Arts (write to the Society's secretary: Robert Schaap, Mr. Pankenstraat 12, 5571 CP Bergeyk, The Netherlands). Also, Ukiyo-e Books was also selling copies at: Ukiyo-e Books: Andon 72/73. [Note: Although I was the editor and a contributor to Andon 72/73, proceeds from any sales go entirely to The Society for Japanese Arts, and I receive no royalties.]

I know other nagori prints by Shigeharu for the 9/1829 production of Oniwaka nagori no motobori at the Naka. They are also published by Wataki. The first three below, like the one in Keyes, are full-length views that include the Ichikawa mimasu mon within a large bat cartouche. The last one below (4) is a close-up view okubi-e with a rectangular cartouche.

(1) Hakuen as Oniwakamaru holding a large, wide-blade sword as he subdues an opponent whom he pins to the floor with his left foot.
(2) Hakuen as Monokawa Kurando seated near a tall vase of flowers while he holds a closed fan.
(3) Hakuen as Atakaseki Benkei standing while holding an open fan.
(4) Hakuen as Yanone no Gorô while he grips an oversized arrow that he is sharpening.


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