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Posted by Andy Watanabe on April 29, 2003 at 16:54:50:

In Reply to: Re:- Eisen ? posted by Arthur on April 29, 2003 at 09:59:41:

Hi Arthur,

I can tell you a little about this print, but maybe not definitively answer all of your questions.

First, if the print is from Shinji Andon, then it properly belongs in the book, which removes most of its market value. If you can bracket the fact that it's a clipped-out orphan and concentrate on its aesthetic value though, you can still enjoy it I think.

There were many printings of Shinji Andon, and I have to say I don't think this is an early one. I have one book from this set in an early printing and one of the same from the Eirakuya Toshiro reprints, and yours definitely resembles the latter more than the former in terms of color values. In my books, the paper quality is also quite different, with the Eirakuya printing on cheaper, thinner paper. So that may give you some clue as to what impression you have, though I wouldn't want to answer that question too definitively by just looking at a scan. There were later reprints too, so there are many possibilities.

As for the print, it depicts a scene from the Tale of Genji (Spring Herbs Chapter) in which Genji's young wife emerges from behind her blinds to retrieve a pet cat, thus showing herself to one of Genji's son's friends, who falls in love with her. This is a famous scene depicted in many ways in ukiyo-e.

The writing is a poem, so won't help much to identify the artist or the series. The poem plays with the Princess' name (Sannomiya=third princess) and Shamisen (three stringed instrument).

Hope that helps.


Hello, Recently bought a print which is said Keisai Eisen.But I don't whether it is a later print or a fake. And the print belongs to Shinji Andon 3. This is the other suspicious issue. His shade lives. Meanwhile I wonder if the inscription on the print tells something about the series and the artist?

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