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Posted by Nan Hannon on June 23, 2003 at 19:29:27:

In Reply to: Re:- Toshi Yoshida prints posted by John Fiorillo on June 01, 2003 at 22:09:54:

Dear Bill:
John's advice is, as always, excellent.
It is also possible to familiarize yourself with the details of the letter forms that make up the stamped signature, which is monotonously consistent, so that you can recognize it easily and distinguish it from the written signature, which has many variations.
The stamped signature has a significant break or space between the "i" and the "d" in Yoshida. On pencil signatures, there is usually either no break between these two letters, or a very small one. On the stamped signature, there is no loop in the tail of the "y" in Yoshida. On pencil signatures, there is usually a modest but definite loop. In the stamped signature, the letters "s" in Toshi and Yoshida have flat tops. On pencil signatures, there is often a little more pointiness to the tops of the letters "s". On stamped signatures, the letter "a" at the end of the Yoshida dips down below the level of any of the other letters in the signature. On pencil signatures, the "a" is usually written at the same level as the other letters. The letters of the stamped signature are thicker than those of the pencil signature.
Roberta and Bill Stein's site usually has a lot of Toshi Yoshida works displayed, with close-ups of the signatures. It would be helpful to study these and compare them with some of the posthumous, block-stamped signatures common on Yoshida works on eBay.
In the absence of being able to examine the signature in person and detect the depth and impression details that John Fiorello suggests, or if you need to make a quick assessment, I've found that the best tip-off to a stamped signature is that notable gap between the "i" and the "d" in Yoshida, followed immediately by the trailing off of the linked "da" at the of Yoshida.
Good luck in your detective work!

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