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Posted by George Aar on September 11, 1998 at 08:51:58:

In Reply to: toyokuni prints posted by Robin Johnson on September 10, 1998 at 15:59:20:

: I have an opportunity to buy some prints that I
: was told are by Toyokuni and that they are 200
: years old. In reading about Toyokuni, I found
: that there were 3 artists that used that name.
: The prints have the toshidama cartouche (yellow
: silkworm around red shape with name) which I see
: in one of the postings that this was not in use
: before 1850. Could these prints be by one of the
: later Toyokunis? I have been looking at all the
: online galleries I can find but can't find an
: exact match. They are prints of what look like
: kabuki actors to me, full length with very dark
: backgrounds (blacks and dark blues). The backgrounds
: have dark images in them, one for instance of a woman
: with a large green flowered sack has what looks like
: a buddha statue behind her in black against a dark
: gray background. I haven't seen any other images credited
: to any of the 3 Toyokuni with such dark backgrounds.
: Also 3 of the prints have a blue line (about an inch)through behind
: the figure (from left margin to right). Also, the grain of the wood
: is clearly visible in the background especially.
: Any advice? I like the prints but don't know how much I should pay
: for them.

: Thanks for any help you can give me, or reference I can go to.
: Robin
: Johnson

I have two places for you to look that have a lot of the info you're looking for. First, scroll to the bottom of the Q&A page, click on the link to "Questions and Answers on Ukiyo-e (discontinued)". Also, you'll want to go to These sites won't help you much with values, but at least you'll know which Toyokuni you're dealing with.

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