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Posted by Noel Chiappa on September 13, 2003 at 22:02:07:

In Reply to: Re:- Hiroshige print identity posted by Dan Johnson on September 12, 2003 at 18:22:43:

I didn't say I thought the print might have trimmed - it does look like you
have the original margins (but sometimes they get replaced so well it can be
hard to see the replacement); I said I thought that perhaps the wooden blocks
had had the title cartouche removed (i.e. the blocks had been trimmed), if it
was outside the image area, since I can't otherwise explain why there's no
title anywhere.

All you can see on that "ca. 1833" signature is the top of a large circular
seal, and there are a number of different seals that look like that, so that
doesn't help. In any case, the seals are reproduced on reproductions, so that
does you no good at all in establishing authenticity. I was only hoping that
if we could identify the publisher, it might help identify the print.

There are only two easy ways (other than some powerful scientific technique)
to verify the age of a print. One is to do a very careful comparison with a
known good print (or a large good image of one), which is probably not going
to be possible here. The other one is to take it to someone who *specializes*
in woodblock prints (not just any old art dealer, or even an Asian art
dealer) and they can look at the paper and ink and tell you if it's an old one.

Given that this is such an obscure print my *guess* would be that it's a real
one (they tended to reproduce the better-known ones), but without examining
it in person it's hard to do more than guess.


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