Re: Are those made by Kuniteru?

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Posted by Theo de Kreijger on January 11, 1999 at 01:37:13:

In Reply to: Are those made by Kuniteru? posted by Hans Mortensen on January 10, 1999 at 18:14:22:

Dear Hans Mortensen,

Nice set! And you're absolutely right, this is Kuniteru. He signes with: Ichiyusai Kuniteru Ga (upper characters in the white label at right).

But which one is it??? There are several Kuniterus (like you probably have already read) and to make things worse, they worked more or less during the same period of time. Three or four of them used this particular autograph in the middle and second half of the 19th century. I guess this is the first one of this group, known as Kuniteru II, considering the way his autograph has been painted. He lived from 1829 untill 1874 and was a pupil of Kunisada (according to Richard Lane). This is exactly the same artist as the one who designed the print of the 47 Ronin, mentioned in june 1998 by Stefan Stenudd. So I slightly disagree with Richard Illing. The Kuniteru (I) he mentions uses an autograph with a different second character.

I think that you have to take one of the prints from behind the "passe-partout" and see if there are any seals printed in the white margin. They should tell you more about the date of the print. I guess that they were issued roughly between 1845 and 1855 and that the are a bit older then the one from Stefan Stenudd.

Down right in the white label is the name (and probably the adress) of the publisher.

The subject of the series is a semi-historical story. And I think it's the one about the Soga Brothers. Above at right is the label with the title of the series and the number of the print. The first three prints are numbered 6,3 and 1. The rest I couldn't read (of course), but they show in chronological order the highlights of the story like they were brought to you by kabuki actors on stage. The names of the persons are put next to them in red seals.

Enjoy them!

Theo de Kreijger

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