Looking for info on Kunisada triptych

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Posted by Marc on May 17, 1999 at 22:10:26:

Hi, my girlfriend and I resently acquired a ukiyo-e triptych. Since I knew nothing about this artform, I went strolling around the net looking for info, and so far I have learned a great deal. We didn't know who the artist was, but a befriended japanese ambassador was able to translate the name as Toyokuni. As I learned from my webhunt, this still left us 3 possible artists. I haven't come across the images we have, but I have found a very similar triptych in the San Fransisco image library (URL included). This work was by Kunisada (Toyokuni III), and it shows the same subject, 3 women, with the same colors, textures and setting. Comparing the signatures gave a perfect match. Ours shows a woman on the left panel wrapped in large pieces of cloth, looking at the other two. The middle panel shows a women sitting, also wrapped in various cloths, with a large burning candle on the right of her. The right panel shows a woman looking at the one in the middle and showing her a roll of cloth. (My guess is they were shopping for new outfits? :o) )
On her right are more rolls, which also show up on the panels I have linked.
I guess my questions now are: Does anyone know the triptych we have? What year was it made? (My guess is that is some of his earlier work, am I correct on that?) What can you tell me about the publisher? (All the markings, even the name of Kunisada, are transparent). Any other interesting info? What kind of figure do I give to my insurance guy? :o)
Any help is greatly appriciated, feel free to mail me directly as well.

Thanks, Marc

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