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Posted by Ah! on July 25, 1999 at 08:14:42:

In Reply to: Re: HELP ON posted by hess on June 23, 1999 at 14:10:07:

Gotta respectfully disagree with Hess. Listen, mein freund, if you have the money to go after perfect specimens of everything, more power to you--and can you lend me a hundred or two?

I learned ukiyo-e by BUYING, by taking in what I could, what interested me, and studying it. Yes, if the damage is extensive a print is certainly lowered in aesthetic value, but a certain degree of wear and tear is acceptable--even flavorful!--to me. Horrors to those who follow the "rules" of the market, but I know what I like.

No, I wouldn't spend $430 on a damaged Chikanobu, but again, no, I wouldn't let market values determine my personal evaluation of a print. For axample, I just bought an okubi-e from Toyokuni III's great set for $250. It has its margins trimmed. Do I care? Not a freaking bit. Does the market care? Too much. I've seen such prints for $3000, and no inch of blank space is worth an additional $2,750 to me.

In short, ACCEPTABLE DAMAGE. Don't spend $50,000 on a Sharaku that's been run over by a convoy of Mac trucks, simply because you can still make out his signature with a magnifying glass. On the other hand, why turn down a good looking print because there's a tape mark on the back or a repaired wormhole in the margin?

Damaged goods. Of course damaged goods! We're talking about ukiyo-e here.

: : could please anyone tell me if a skinned print (due to the removal of a former backing mat) is greatly devaluated in price or not?

: : is it worth buying a chikanobu ($430) of that nature?

: : many thanks.

: : juan.

: A print that is damaged is greatly devalued.
: Remember rule 1 for buying a print ? Condition !!!
: If you can tell that a print has some damage, AND IF you find
: that you cannot live without the print you must pay A LOT LESS
: than retail. Depending upon the type and extent of damage, the
: discount from retail price (of a perfect example) should be a minimum of
: 50%. Why ? First, to soften all the regrets you will soon have (and there
: always are regrets when you buy damaged goods). Second, when you
: finally learn enough and discipline your cravings to buy buy buy; you will
: want to find a new home for your damaged item(s) (usually in exchange
: for money) and you will find it extremely difficult to sell your
: damaged item(s) without losing money. So the less you pay for damaged
: item(s) the less money you will lose. Third (and last), if you insist on
: building your collection around marginal condition items,
: you will become discouraged in your collecting (and want to quit).

: hess

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