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Posted by Belov on December 18, 1999 at 19:49:39:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Help wanted with shunga (picture included) posted by Theo de Kreijger on February 18, 1998 at 23:44:03:

: : I cannot answer any of these questions, but I wonder if the apparition really is a ghost.

: : The woman seems to be reading a book, while ... whatever she is doing. Maybe it's a novel, and the apparition is the hero of the novel, coming to her in her imagination?

: : I am not able to read the text, but from what I assume to be name tags, the name of the man seems to be Ka-something-nomi, and the woman Tana-something.

: : The mon on the man's dress could perhaps be a clue to his identity.

: The nobleman (the fact that he has two swords suggest that he represents a samuria) might indeed be someone in the girls imagination. Perhaps her hero is a famous actor (he actually has a blue, shaved forhead). She might be fantasizing about him. But perhaps he's even both: an actor and a ghost! The mon could be the clou to his identity. But first some (new) facts:

: Against the man being a ghost::
: 1. There are no red flames around him.
: It was custom practise to confirm the fact that someone was a ghost by depicting one or more small flames floating next to the ghost.
: 2. His face is not blue-ish. Actors always used grey-blue make-up to show the audience that they were 'dead but still vivid'. Artist also used to portray ghosts with a blue-ish face.

: For the man being a ghost:
: 1. Théo Lésoualc'h says in his book the man is a ghost trying to capture (sexual) energy from the woman, like in tradional Japanese stories. He gives a range of other examples and shows some more reproductions of other prints. To bad he documented his illustrations poorly.
: 2. He is no passive 'dream', but actively present. In the scene he's absolutely looking at her. In the other scene I discovered in Théo Lésoualc'h book he is even holding the woman's arm and foot. But still he is vanishing from the waste downwards.
: 3. The man's face might not be blue-ish, but the whole room is! This might have been done as some kind of a clue.

: I'm even more fascinated by the print then I was before. I hope that someone might identify the 'mon' of the actor. This could solve a lot!

: Many thanks, Theo de Kreijger

: P.s.: I found the name tags to be something like kahonake for the (ghost?) actor and tana-something for the woman. But you might be closer to the truth.

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