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Posted by AR ( on December 12, 2013 at 04:07:47:

In Reply to: unidentified print may be unpublished - posted by steve on December 01, 2013 at 07:23:29:

The print you have is what I call “greeting-card size”, it was supposed to be mounted on a piece of folded card stock and put in an envelop. They were used for holiday, anniversary and similar greetings. The size is to big for the postal rules for a pc so they had to be enveloped.

The postcards and greeting cards by Hasui was published by many different publishers in Tokyo and Kyoto, as were a certain number of shikishiban and tanzaku sized prints (all exceptionally rare). The Watanabe pc:s are common, while most of the others are very rare to exceptionally rare.
This type of print flies under “the radar” of nearly all dealers, only the most astute dealers can find them and know what they are.

I also have a set of blocks with a print by Hasui which is not published in the “complete print catalog”. There is a further at least 70+ woodblock printed designs which are not in the “catalog”, mainly produced for the domestic audience. Then there are maybe a further 25-100 postcard and greeting card sized prints both for domestic and export which are not in the “catalog”.

When the “publisher” of the “catalog” told me about the coming book I volunteered to to send images of the prints I have/had and track down a further 50 or so designs, this was flatly, rather arrogantly and rudely turned down. “they were not interested adding more prints” plus some personal remarks.

The “complete print catalog” amounts to not much than a coffe-table book rather then a serious book. Anyway it is more or less just a translation and republication of Narazaki’s book with some additions.
Also the “complete catalog” doesn’t list variants and states and so on, there are quite a few severe mistakes, and so on. However printing quality and design is very nice.
All this said, I’m still happy to have the set of books even with all the shortcomings. I have A LOT of pencilled in addendums and corrections.

As a guideline I payed for my blocks with print (in a public auction about 20 years ago) ca $1500, which I thought was very cheap.
The print is aiban-size a part of series 5 prints plus envelop, published in the mid 1930s by a publisher in Yotsuya (don't have the full info here), none of which are published in any reference sources in either Japan or the West. A colleague of mine have another set of blocks from the same series. Further I know of a set of blocks for an oban sized print of which there don’t seem to be any surviving examples.

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