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Posted by Noel Chiappa ( on December 15, 2013 at 14:24:38:

In Reply to: Hiroshige reprint ? posted by Bernard on December 15, 2013 at 00:22:38:

Buying Hiroshige prints on eBay is a real gamble (in my experience, the majority are reproductions).

The thing about buying Hiroshige prints on eBay is that most of the sellers just don't know enough to tell old re-prints from originals. Even an Oriental art dealer who doesn't specialize in prints is unlikely to be able to tell a 100+-year-old re-print from a 160-year-old original. It takes a Japanese print specialist to do that. So they say 'Hiroshige original', truly believing it.

However, in this particular case you might have lucked out.

The publisher is 甘泉堂, Kansendō, number 180 in Marks (the standard work on woodblock publishers). He doesn't show this particular seal, but there is 0.000% doubt in my mind that that's who it is.

Marks even list them as publising a "re-isssue" of the Kyoka Tokaido in "ca. 1840s". Whether this means 'new blocks' or not, I don't know.

It was not uncommon for the blocks for a print/series to be sold on from one publisher to another; the latter would insert a 'plug' with their seal, and produce more prints with them.

The only way to tell for sure would be to compare all the fine detail with a known original; see here:

for more. (From what I can see in that image, yours looks like it might be original blocks.)


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