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Posted by Noel Chiappa ( on January 19, 2014 at 16:11:07:

In Reply to: Identification of publisher posted by Julie Unangst on January 19, 2014 at 04:01:10:

"can't find this version anywhere online"

If you check the page for this series on the Yoshitoshi catalog raisonne site:

you can see some halting attempts to list the various republications of this series.

I'm not sure quite what yours is. It doesn't have the multi-coloured title cartouche on usually sees on early printings, and the choppiness of the line around the signature cartouche would also point toward a later re-issue.

However, the marginal data (at top) is Meiji 16 (1883), the original publication date; some of the later 'grey cartouche' printings (supposedly by Tsunajima Kamekichi) have that date removed, others have it modified to Meiji 18 or 19. And of course yours has the two small red seals supposedly indicative of an early edition.

(And, just to be maximally confusing, some of the later reprintings, the so-called 'grey cartouche' editions, have multi-coloured cartouches - but the colours are paler and much more subdued than the early edition multi-coloured cartouches.)

So your guess as to the date (and thus, the publisher) is probably as good as mine, alas! I'd guess it's either i) one of the later reprintings by the original publisher (Kobayshi Tetsujirô), or ii) an even later repring than the so-called 'grey cartouche' reprintings.

(And now I'll have to update that page with the data presented by this query... :-)


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