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Posted by Noel Chiappa ( on March 10, 2014 at 22:00:23:

In Reply to: Re: unknown publisher posted by Gordon on March 09, 2014 at 22:15:47:

"I can't find this seal, No. 12 in Genshoku .., on woodblocks."

Something else that confused me: I found the kanji for Sakai Kōkodō online (酒井 好古堂), and looked to see if I could see any of those characters in the two shown in the seal (above), but I can't see it?

Then again, I looked, but could not find, those characters in the seal in a dictionary, either! I mean, take the one on the right: box with one horizontal bar, and five extra strokes (3 on top, 2 below).

So the New Nelson dictionary has this wonderful table where they show, for each radical, _all_ the characters that include that radical (even ones that aren't canonically listed under that radical), sorted by the number of extra strokes. But that character doesn't show up under radical 72 ('day').


PS: Gordon, I agree, your wife is a gem! :-)

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