Re: Kuniyoshi seal - reprint?

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Posted by Noel Chiappa ( on March 11, 2014 at 01:19:23:

In Reply to: Kuniyoshi seal - reprint? posted by Javier on March 09, 2014 at 03:59:39:

"Two big differences I noticed were the color of the wrap in his waist (red vs blue)"

That's not so important - one often sees these kind of small differences. The printers will fiddle with the colours on small items, etc.

"and the artist seal (or the absence of it)"

That is less common, but I have occasionally seen that too. I don't know whether it was because that seal was on a separate block, which had gotten lost somehow between printing runs, or the printer was lazy and didn't bother to print it - one can imagine many reasons.

"I'm not getting much from key block lines or at least don't know were to look at differences (cause I don't find but slight changes)."

The key block is really the place to go to to know if you have an original.

_Generally_ re-prints (by which I mean 'from new blocks') will be fairly different, in the small details. I have only once seen a print that was intended to be deceptive (a Hiroshige 'Hoeido Tokaido' print). Your print is not a very valuable one, so I think you can rule that possibility out.

The place to look is somwhere where you have a lot of small details. In this particular print, probably the hair would be a good place to look. But it could be anywhere - perhaps the lines around the feet of the go board. Do note that some details are caused by wear/inking/printing differences. But if, for example, you see two lines that are close in one print, and further apart in another - that's a different block.


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