Enhanced Woodblock Artists' Names Table

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Posted by Noel Chiappa ( on March 16, 2014 at 15:56:49:

So I've been adding names from Roberts ("A Dictionary of Japanese Artists"), and I wonder if I'm really improving the page or not; I'd be grateful for opinions from others as to whether or not this is helping.

It's greatly increasing the size of the page, and of course for many characters, that will mean more matches to sort through. On the other hand, if one's trying to find an obscure signature, it's probably important to make the table as comprehensive as possible.

Still, if people could take a look:


and tell me what they think, I would really appreciate it. The work is not complete; one good place to look is at the 'Yoshi' artists, as that part of the table has had all the Roberts artists of that name added.

If people think this is helpful, I will finish off Roberts, and then do Lane and Merritt as well (I do recall, from past endeavours, finding people in Lane who weren't in Roberts, so I think it's worth going through Lane too).


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