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Posted by Frank Kuesel ( on April 29, 2014 at 05:02:41:

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I just finished uploading to Ukiyo-e Search the sparrows and arrowheads print I mentioned previously. The print's design matched a print in the British Museum said to be "in the style or school of Hokusai" (and with the plant species incorrectly identified as "pinks" instead of arrowheads) and also a print uploaded by Artelino and attributed to Hokusai. (The image URL below is for the British Museum's print.) However, my print of sparrows and arrowheads is an elaborate sumimono-like production (with brass particles used to create a gold background etc), whereas the two matches are not like this. Note: The same authority who told me the crane and setting sun print was by Taito II told me the same was true of the sparrows and arrowheads print. So my question is the same for both prints. (Both of them, but especially the sparrows and arrowheads, look to me as if no one but Hokusai could have designed them!) Thanks again! - Frank

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