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Posted by Gordon Friese ( on June 29, 2014 at 20:19:15:

Dear all!
Please look on: http://www.ukiyo-e.se/reprints.html , the fourth seal from above. It is named Takamizawa, but I donít believe so.
I have only a copy of page 64 from volume 3 of the Genshoku ukiyo-e daihyakka jiten. Unfortunatly my copy is very faint. I canít read the signs very well. The seal is No. 4 in Genshoku. Takamizawa-seals there are No. 15-17.
I found the seal on a Koryusai-Reprint, too. See: http://www.zeller.de/de/katalog/auktion-114-september-2012/auktionsartikel/koryusai-isoda-taetig-um-1765-1784-21/?PHPSESSID=a4c81f83e2e8b864512cdd39c85180f9 right below.
Does anybody know the true name of these 20th century publisher?
Yours sincerely,
Gordon Friese

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