Kitagawa Utamaro/Tomitoto Toyohina/mica

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Posted by David ( on May 16, 2015 at 13:30:39:

Hello to All,
Please I do need your help.
There is not much information about the formats of Japanese prints. I do need to know what you people know about the format: Ogata Chuban. I learned its size is approximately 21.7x29.3 as well it is one quarter of paper called OBIRO-BOSHO. What OBIRO BOSHO is? Is it the format or is it particular type of''paper'' made only in one size from which Ogata Chuban format is derived ? As well, is possible that some formats were used for particular motives only ? (say ogata chuban -woman depicted reading, or chuban - motives about the music, I had found some [remotely ] related information confirming these two formats connected with this two subjects.
I do research about it because I do have one print (probably very well made reproduction/maybe original, of singer Tomitoto Toyohina by Kitagawa Utamaro in the format Ogata-Chuban, with mica ground and karazuri on it.
I have seen on the museum in on-line catalogs three editions of this print from 1790, 1790 1793, in the formats around 23.8 to 26.2 x 37.1 to 38.5 cm which is not Ogata Chuban but very likely Oban. My print is very likey Ogata Chuban format , ca 1792, but as I said it is probably reproduction because it does look too well, Please do not do fun :-) of me I do like this print, I don't want to sell it, even there is one auction house which want to take look on it, they even offered some few hundreds pounds .Thank you for your answers. David (detail attached)

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Subject: Kitagawa Utamaro/Tomitoto Toyohina/mica


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