Shotei's Plagiarism

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Posted by Magicsteph ( on May 31, 2015 at 21:51:47:


I was curious to know more about who would have made copies of prints from Shotei, if not Shotei himself ?

Although a commercial artist, some of Shotei's designs that were supposed to be published by Wanatabe ended up published by other publishers, most likely because of artistic disagreement between Shotei and Wanatabe.

I wonder if the prints that are described as being plagiarism, could be in fact prints first made by Shotei and printed by some other publisher with his approval, then published by Wanatabe in a larger scale and more widely distributed ?

Is it possible that Shotei decided to publish somewhere else, as he could have felt that Wanatabe was putting his work on a waiting list, and to put pressure on Wanatabe to publish his work ?

I wonder why, if his work was so successful to be copied by other publishers without his approval, how come other very successful artist from the same era, also published by Wanatabe, such as Kawase Hasui or other have not been plagiarized too ?

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Subject: Shotei's Plagiarism


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