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Posted by Kurt ( on July 01, 2015 at 12:11:12:

In Reply to: Re: Artist's name: an identification posted by Noel Chiappa on June 30, 2015 at 20:10:36:

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Hi Noel

The specificity of your interpretation is of great assistance: "Great Battle (at) Yashima (during the) Genpei War" (源平 八島 大合戦 Genpei Yashima ō-kassen).” The title the artwork was sold under was ‘Yoshitsune's Eight Boat Leap at the Battle of Dan-no-ura’, which is correct in as much that it describes the action within the triptych, but clearly doesn’t reflect the title itself.

No problem you didn’t spent time on the seals. As stated in my first post, I was able to identify the publisher as Mikawa-ya Tetsugorô, and the 
Zodiacal date seal as ‘Hare 4’, thus 1855 (indications are the circular aratame seal was used with a separate oval zodiacal date seal 1853 to 1857).

It’s just that damn signature.
'ga' (画) is the final Japanese character… that much I am certain of. I am pretty certain it is an Utagawa school artist. I know that some of Yoshiiku’s works (this is true of Sadahide and others as well) exhibit (what Robert Treat Paine used to call) an ‘Expansive Style’, where the compositions are particularly full and crowded, decorative. When I first saw some of Yoshiiku’s works from that general period c1850, I thought, yeah, maybe this is his work… but this signature here does not conform to anything I find on the web concerning Yoshiiku’s works. You said: “I think the second character of the second name might be "SEI"”…. I had originally wondered if it was ‘IKU’…. In fact, I had wondered if the first character of the first name was ‘YOSHI’, but this would make no sense at all given there appear to be 5 characters including the final ‘ga’…. i.e. 'Yoshi-? ?-Iku ga'… well, that seems too crazy… I am really flummoxed. A quick glance at a list of Utagawa school members (on Wikipedia) doesn’t give me any immediate insights re the use of “Sei,” or thoughts that it might be someone working under/within Yoshiiku’s atelier. I’m new to this, at any rate, and neither contemporary nor archaic Japanese characters are my forte!! Forgive any stupid hypotheses I may present.

And thanks for your responses...


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