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Posted by Kristof Kloeckner ( on January 23, 2016 at 23:41:35:

In Reply to: Re: Need help to idenitfy a print posted by Hans Olof Johansson on January 14, 2016 at 18:51:48:

Thanks a lot. In the meantime, I have also had help from a Japanese co-worker, who found the book in the catalog of both the Boston MFA and the British museum.
Here is what she wrote me:
The name of the published book is "Ehon Musashi abumi (The Stirrups of Musashi, A Picture Book)". Here are some links that have some information of this book.

The texts next to each character are their names. Right hand side says "Enemy of the empire (or emperor), Sogano Iruka (name)", left hand side says "Leader of the imperial force, Yamanushi (name) dying."

And according to the Boston Museum website, the book was signed "Saki no Hokusai aratame Gakyo Rojin Manji hitsu." Direct translation is "written by Gakyo Rojin Manji (name), formerly known as Hokusai" Hokusai must have changed his name toward the end of his career, but this book is recognized as Hokusai's work.

I tried to find information about both the characters in the print. According to Wikipedia, Soga no Iruka was assassinated in 645 in coup that led to the rise of the Fujiwara clan. There is a Fujiwara no Yamanushi who lived about 200 years later...

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