Wish I could understand

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Posted by Magicsteph ( on July 01, 2016 at 21:09:29:

Hello fellow forum Members,

I wish I could understand why some prints from some artist have multiple states called originals, and why for some other artists, only 1 state is being granted as being the only original state.

For example:

Ando Hiroshige (1787-1858) has a series called the 100 Views of Edo series, which was first printed in 1856, 2 years before his death, and ALL of the prints from the series have 2 or 3 known states with different key blocks, all called originals. This would mean that during the 2 years he was still alive, the prints were printed in such large quantity that the entire set of blocks had to be redone twice or even three times, in a 2 years time frame.

Meanwhile, Hokusai's (1760-1849) 36 views of Mt Fuji series started being printed by Xmas 1830, and in very large quantities too, has two known states using the same key block (The blue and the black outline) for a time frame of 19 years ?

It doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand why we grant only one known state of Key blocks for Hokusai's famous series such as the 36 views of Mt Fuji, 100 Poets series, Mirror series, 100 Ghost series, Japanese waterfall series (while it exist at least 2 known states that could be definitely be granted as original), and why in the mean time, we would agree that 2 or 3 states of Hiroshige's print are indeed original in such a short time frame period ?

If somebody has a clue, I would like to hear their point of view.

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Subject: Wish I could understand


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