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Posted by Magicsteph ( on July 29, 2016 at 23:57:55:

In Reply to: Re: Lifetime copies ? posted by Marc Kahn on July 18, 2016 at 23:45:14:

This post was originally not oriented toward Shotei's work, but frankly toward Hokusai and Hiroshige in an attempt to find out if ever any work were ever published in their lifetime without their consent, or at least from another publisher(since they had little to say anyway.)

As Mark brought the particular case of Shotei, I simply wonder if it is possible that Shotei had a Pupil under his wing ( Shotei II ?) that would be the probable author of these variants ?

Looking back in history, Hokusai or Hiroshige had pupils designing similar prints with variants during their lifetime.

The other probable scenario would be a financial disagreement between Shotei and Wanatabe, leading to have similar works published from Shotei by other publishers for monetary reasons during tough times.

Since I have never heard of Shotei II, I would opt for the 2nd option, but Mark, I am sorry to tell you that I still not believe Shotei was a victim of plagiarism during his lifetime. He would be the only one in the world in Woodblock printing.

Not only he would be the only lifetime victim of plagiarism, but on top of that, from some unknown printing company ?

Still not buying that theory at this time...

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