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Posted by Kurt ( on November 09, 2016 at 15:51:01:

In Reply to: Re: Shuntei print: query on title posted by Paul Griffith on November 05, 2016 at 08:53:12:

Hi Paul

Thanks for your response.

I hadn't come across the Sōma Kojirō name before, or looked at the identifying banners. It's interesting that even with this reference from you, a quick google search brings up little information on Masakado's use of the name, or the name-link to his palace.

Karl Friday (The First Samurai: The Life and Legend of the Warrior Rebel Taira Masakado) simply states the “battle scene was at the flatlands north of the Tone River, near his lwai residence,” without saying the residence may have been called Sōma palace. Mind you, one of his footnotes indicates there are numerous theories—and little consensus—concerning the various names used to describe the place where Masakado had his final battle... most scholars do agree that the battle site must have been somewhere near what is now Iwai City, in southwestern Ibaraki prefecture. In keeping with this lack of consensus, Richard Thornhill, ‘Taira no Masakado: Rebel god of Tokyo’ says that Masakado had his “base on Mount Shimahiro,” i.e. Shimahiroyama, “near Iwai in Ibaraki County, east of Tokyo, until he was killed in battle in Chiba County by the imperial troops led by Fujiwara no Hidesato in 940.”

So, your notes are leading me down a rabbit hole. At the very least, I now have more confidence in 'translating' and understanding the artwork's title.


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