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Posted by Guy Pepermans ( on January 11, 2017 at 16:42:20:

In Reply to: Re: Unknown Artist posted by Hans Olof Johansson on January 11, 2017 at 13:21:20:

Hans Olof,

The print that you show is indeed part of the original first edition and I should have mentioned this in my response but I should hesitate to call Adam’s print a modern reproduction from the start without further study. The series seems to have been reissued already in the late Edo period (1820s-30s?):

First edition:

Later Edo period reissue:

I see some analogies with that other iconic Shinsai ‘ranjiwaku’ series with Dutch letter borders. This particular series was so popular that after the first edition in the late 1810s, at least three different reissues were published during the 1820s-30s (cfr. the article by Daan Kok, ‘Keisai Eisen and his landscapes with Dutch letter borders’, Society of Japanese arts, Andon 79, 2005, p.23-32).

My point is that Shinsai’s oeuvre was probably not the object of an in depth analysis. His ‘Ômi hakkei’ series is very rare, just a handful copies of each print are known and documented. So, there could be a possibility that other, additional Edo period editions are around.

In conclusion, I suggest that Adam’s print should at least be seen and examined by an expert in order to establish if it is a Meiji, Taisho or Showa reproduction - or on the contrary, an Edo era reissue.

Best regards,

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