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Posted by Paul Griffith ( on January 22, 2017 at 00:24:20:

In Reply to: Identification of a print posted by Georges Luedi on January 18, 2017 at 16:34:42:

This is very puzzling. These 3 sheets certainly look like they should be a triptych, but the actors and role names do not fit together. What we see written on the prints is: (from the right) Nakamura Shikan (II) as Taira no Yoshikado; Sawamura Tossho (I) as Watanabe no Tsuna; and Matsumoto Koshiro (V) as Iga no Jutaro.

Tossho I only succeeded to that name in the 11th month of 1831 so the work cannot date from before that time. In the autumn of 1833 Shikan went to Osaka where he later took the name Utaemon IV so the work cannot date from after that time. So we have a date range of 11/1831 to 10/1833.

Looking up the prints on the Waseda website, they identify only the right and middle sheets, and they give the name of the play as 'Minori no aki seisho denki'. But interestingly, they do not give the date of performance nor the theatre. I also cannot find any record of this play being performed during this period.

These 3 actors only appeared together once during this time, and that was in the 11th month of 1832 at the Nakamura-za, but the play and the roles were different. However, in that same 11th month, Koshiro is listed as having worked at 2 theatres, the other one being the Ichimura-za. The role he played at the Ichimura-za was indeed Iga Jutaro, and the play was 'Bando musha Tsuna ga tehajime'. But the other 2 actors were not with him. Looking THAT play up on the Waseda site, there are prints showing Onoe Kikugoro III in the role of Yoshikado, and Mitsugoro IV in the role of Tsuna, so at least we have all 3 roles together.

I would guess that the triptych came out before the performances started and that there was confusion as to what roles and where the actors would play.

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