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Posted by Hans Olof Johansson ( on February 01, 2017 at 22:31:25:

In Reply to: Help identifying the artist posted by Jessica Biel on February 01, 2017 at 00:42:58:


Francis is right of course - the signature reads "Ch˘˘r˘ Kuniyoshi ga" (朝桜楼国芳画). But it's a very unusual subject for being a Kuniyosh print. The shape of the signature cartouche, together with the use of the name Ch˘˘r˘ and the absence of a censor's seal would in my opinion indicate that the print was published in the 1830s or earlier. I don't remember seeing it before, or any Kuniyoshi print reminiscent of it for that matter.

Even if it looks rather different, it may well be another one of his many prints in the heroic genre, though. The portrait of the woman shows an obvious likeness to the print above, depicting Kog˘ no Tsubone (小督局) and belonging to the series "Kenjo hakkei" (賢女八景 - Eight views with virtuous women) that was published about 1843.

Your print may well be a portrait of Kog˘ no Tsubone too, but then it seems strange that it lacks a title cartouche. However your print may originally have carried a title as well as a publisher's mark, but these could have been trimmed off? The size of the print would perhaps give us a clue.

Best regards,
Hans Olof

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