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Posted by Plasmo ( on April 04, 2017 at 03:46:36:

In Reply to: Can't find the artist posted by Evelien on April 03, 2017 at 19:06:27:

The signature reads ďju K˘ch˘r˘ hitsu 応需香蝶楼筆 and belongs to Utagawa Kunisada III (aka Utagawa Kunimasa IV). I couldn't find the print online, but I would assume that it was published during the late 1880s.

The title of the print reads 景陽山岡虎退治 水滸伝 and depicts one of the most famous scenes from the Chinese story "Water Margin" (originally chapter 23), here for an adaption for the Japanese kabuki theater.

The actor to the left battling the tiger is Ichikawa Sadanji I 市川左団次 as Bush˘ 武松. To the right we see Nakamura Jusabur˘ III 中村寿三郎 as a hunter (ry˘jin 猟人) and Ichikawa Yonez˘ 4.5 市川米蔵 as his master (ry˘shi 猟師).

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