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Posted by Chris Brooks Respons ( on December 11, 2018 at 00:02:54:

In Reply to: Re: Artist Identity posted by Guy Pepermans on December 04, 2018 at 14:25:57:

I received a very nice email response today from Jan van Doesburg concerning the Sadamasu print so I'll post it in full.

"Concerning the Sadamasu I can let you know the details you mention are correct. In this print the artist used
a different character for Ďení in the part Ichiensai. Until now I have not recorded the use of this character in
Sadamasuís signature. Also, I have never seen this print until it appeared in the Artelino auction last week,
although I remember a similar (the same?) print in a catalogue published many years ago. The catalogue was
printed in black & white and the illustration was of poor quality, so I was unable to read the signature in the cartouche.
It might have been a print by Sadahide, but when I come across this catalogue I can check the title and compare
it with the title on Sadamasuís print.
Until now I did not record any other print by Sadamasu belonging to this set. The subject represented is not very
common for the artist as you probably know. Here, one could easily think that Sadamasu might have been inspired
by Kuniyoshi (around the mid 1840s) during his stay in Edo, but for now, judging from the signature, I think the print
in question has been published around 1840. It is definitely by the Osaka artist Utagawa Sadamasu, but further
research is needed to determine the date. Please see my website for pictures of Sadamasuís oeuvre and a list of
the characters he used in his signatures:"

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