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Posted by Eric von Dorster ( on November 02, 2019 at 17:09:53:

In Reply to: Hanabusa Itcho Print posted by Guy Edwards on July 27, 2019 at 14:38:01:

Identified as a nuno-zarashi dance. As in:

‘Nuno-zarashi’ is not the name of a particular dance, but rather a technique seen in Kabuki and traditional Japanese dance, which involves the waving about of two long strips of cloth in the air so as not to let them touch the ground. The performer usually wears high ‘geta’ clogs. It is based on the idea of women washing cloth and then bleaching it in the sun, hence ‘nuno’ (布, ‘cloth’), and ‘sarasu’ (晒す, ‘to expose to the air’). This technique is seen, for example, in the 18th century ‘onnagata’ dance ‘Sarashi Sanbaso’ (晒三番叟) and in such 19th century works as ‘Sarashime’ (晒女, also called ‘Omi no Okane’ 近江のお兼) and ‘Echigo Jishi’ (越後獅子). (P. Griffith 8/2012)

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